A little bit about how this all started...

My Name is Vince Pike and for the past 30 years or so I have developed, produced and marketed computer games and software. I felt it was time for a change and decided to focus my efforts into creating board games, something a little more family orientated. As a child I adored opening up the latest board game with my family at Christmas or during the holidays or those special times when distant family came to visit. This is something that I feel is missing when it comes to computer games, sure they’re great fun, I won’t deny that but I believe the most memorable ‘games nights’ are when family and friends get together to play a boardgame around the kitchen table.

Some months ago I decided to put my knowledge of all things digital into something more solid, something more hands on, and during past year or so I have been developing a new concept for a board game that's a bit different to your normal board game... Essentially when starting there's no initial board, players build the board as they play using Hexagon Pieces, creating a web of routes to take as they progress.

My unique concept for the board means that i can develop different genres of boardgame based on my hexagon idea. So my intention overtime is to create a number of different themed board games ranging from financial to horror and fantasy, and the first to be developed is a financial game based around the internet. 

UK creative industries are behind some of the best-selling and highest grossing products and franchises in the world, but this success quite often does not equate with public awareness that there are UK companies behind them.

We’re proud to be British and show the Made in Creative UK logo with pride. We recognise the economic and cultural contribution of our creativity and look forward to bringing our product/s to the global market.

About the Game...
As the title of the game suggests, .COM BATTLES is all about buying from and selling to other players and along the way hindering their chances of succeeding.  Don’t by all means feel bad about this, for this is exactly what they will also be doing to you.  Business is business after all so be shrewd be calculating and become a successful Entrepreneur and Market leader.

Landing on a BUY box results you having to hand over some of your earnings to another player. Whist landing on the SELL box ensure another player hands over some much needed cash to you.

You can sabotage other players by stopping successful sales, leaving them bad feedback and stealing their hexagon board pieces, making it harder for them to build up their cash reserves, gaining five-star feedback and returning to the finish to complete the game.

Players need to have gained 5-stars and used all their hexagon board pieces before returning to the center of the game. If a player runs out of hexagon board pieces they can either make use of other players path or restrict other players by removing one of their hexagon board pieces and making use of them themself either by buying them or using a ‘It Doesn't Pay to be nice in Business’ card.

'A fun parodic boardgame for the whole family'

From 2 to 6 players, Ages 12+

What's currently included:
36 x Hexagon board pieces
Centre Console
Spinner Thing
12 x Give & Take Cards
6 x Player Pieces
36 x Buy cards
36 x Sell cards
6 x Business cards
6 x Misfortune cards
50 x Feedback stars
6 x Money Bags
Huge Wad of Battle-Cash
3 x Sheets of Labels (72)
Player Guide

.COM Battles is a fun parodic family game, and with your help, ready to take board games into the 21st century. This amazing game is long overdue, great fun, addictive, and one hell of a way to spend an evening with family and friends. (Who knew Aunt Judy was so merciless???)

With .COM Battles, players have the opportunity to wail on their counterparts by sabotaging potential sales, leaving negative feedback, obliterating their sales, all the while furthering your internet empire without other players robbing you of your success!

.COM Battles will bring out the ruthless business man or woman in anyone, and is relevant to the type of business conducted in the world today. I hope this game goes viral in every sense of the word. 

.COM Battles is an easy game to play and delivers the fun and rivalry that makes and evening (or rainy day) fun!

Just when you think the Internet is yours, you can get hit with a takeover card. Yes, one of your best friends can crash your empire in an instant.  But you can take revenge…and get it!   
.COM Battles
 is a wickedly smart, funny game for ages 8 and up.

Our Kickstarter campaign will hope to raise enough funds to continue development and to manufacture.  All investors of $50 or more will receive the game and there's a heap of bonus stuff for early-bird investors.

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