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.COM BATTLES : It Doesn't Pay to be Nice in Business!

.COM BATTLES is an entertaining, unique board-game for all budding entrepreneurs, business owners, business wannabes, know-it-all’s and anyone over the age of 12.   When starting the game there's no initial board, so by using hexagon-pieces, players build the board as they go, and in doing so create a web of routes to take as they progress.

What’s the Basic Goal of .COM BATTLES?
It's all about buying from and selling to others in an attempt to make the best deals and become the market leader. But to succeed, players will have to sabotage the business reputation of other players by destroying their feedback, obliterating their sales and making it difficult for them to keep their business afloat. All the while furthering their own internet empire without their rivals robbing them of their success!

OVERVIEW - WHAT'S THE GOAL?Landing on a BUY box results in you having to hand over some of your earnings to another player, and landing on the SELL box ensures another player will hand over some of their hard-earned cash to you.

Participants will also need to have earned a heap of cash, gained and retained a minimum of five-stars and used all their hexagon board-pieces before returning to the center of the game to accomplish their goal of being internet entrepreneur of the year!

The entire game can shift at any moment, so even when you think you’re winning you may be in for a bit of a surprise, and just as you thought you were unstoppable!

.COM BATTLES will bring out the ruthless business-person in anyone.

.COM BATTLES is massive, It consists of over 200 pieces plus a wad of Battle-Cash!

 36 x Hexagon Board Pieces 
 Centre Console
 6 x Player Pieces
 12 x 'Give & Take' Cards
 36 x Buy Cards
 36 x Sell Cards
 6 x 'It Doesn’t Pay to be nice in Business' Cards
 6 x 'Misfortune' Cards
 50 x Feedback stars
 6 x Cash Bags
 Huge Wad of Battle-Cash
 3 x Sheets of Customization Labels (72)
 Player Guide

This 2minute video explains the basic gameplay of .COM BATTLES

The gameplay of .COM BATTLES is quite easy to pick up, but will take some ingenuity and shrewd moves to master.

Although some of the outcome is determined by luck, much is determined by one's skill to think ahead of the game. In this video we’ll show you some of the gameplay rules and ideas currently implemented.

What each player has to start off with.
Everyone is given a wad of Battle-cash, three feedback-stars (as a starting point) and up to six hexagon pieces, one of which has their 'player number' on. As well as a little character game-piece, which they place on their individual starting points.
Starting Items for each player

What's with the fancy looking Spinny Thing?

THE SPINNER THINGThe game starts with just the larger center-console and this clever little spinner thing in the middle.  You can determine who starts the game by spinning the spinner thing, whoever it points too starts the game.

Spinning the arrow determines the direction players must follow on their route to 'internet success'. Each hexagon piece has two arrows on and the player has a free choice to which one points in the corresponding direction.

  .COM BATTLES expands as you play, and the key to this is it's hexagon pieces which are used to build routes as you play. Landing on either arrow, players are forced in that direction on their next go. You don’t have to be on an arrow to put a new hexagon piece down, but newly played hexagon-pieces can only be placed next to an arrow to create a new route, no two-arrows must ever meet.

Landing on a BUY or SELL space gives opportunity to either make some cash or be forced to hand over some to other players, Who is paid is determined from a roll of the dice.

Initially there is plenty of opportunity to gain STARS, but as you progress, losing STARS becomes all to easy.

Each hexagon piece also has a ‘Give & Take’ space.  Landing here and you’ll need to pick up 
a ‘Give & Take’ card, the outcome of which could be almost anything, from being forced to pay taxes to getting investment to having to pay out for workers compensation for someone that had an accident at work... Just one of the joys of being in business!

The trusty multi-purpose dice.
  A role of the dice determines the number of spaces a player should move. It also indicates who payments should be made to or made from when a someone lands on a BUY or SELL space, This way the Battle-cash is spread among all players, so the rich can get richer and so can the poor!
Accumulate as many STARS as you can, you'll need'em.
Accumulate as many STARS as you can, you'll need'em.  Just like selling online in the real-world your goal in .COM BATTLES is to strive for five-star feedback so throughout the game is plenty of opportunity to gain and lose STARS, lose all your STARS and you’ve lost all credibility and worst still, you’re out of the game! Accumulating Battle-Cash as you go is fundamental to the success of your business.

  As all players need to have gained and retained at least five-stars and used all their hexagon pieces before returning to the center of the game to win, they need to get all their hexagon-pieces laid down quicker than others do, achievable if you're on the outskirts of the board, but get stuck on the inside and you’ll need to work your way out to the edges to lay your remaining hexagon pieces as swiftly but cunningly as you can…

Should you run out of hexagon-pieces or are unable to move off, you can opt to pay to be teleported back to an adjoining hexagon-piece (Sort of like clicking the back-button on your web browser)…… or use one of only a few ‘It Doesn’t Pay to be nice in Business’ cards to steal a rival's hexagon-piece from the table and make use of it for your own growth, this in turn may ultimately make your rival stranded and looking for a way back themselves... Tuff Luck!

A LITTLE STRATEGY GOES A LONG WAYPlayers will soon learn that rushing things, making moves without a plan is not always the best strategy. Bide your time, collect your STARS, earn as much as you can, then when you feel your business acumen is at an all time high you can make your move, your move to business success!

SPECIAL, SO SPEICALThis special piece, some might say a ‘trump card’, can be used at anytime throughout play, but if someone else lands on it, they’re out the game!  Bust!, bankrupt, insolvent, destitute!, basically OUT OF BUSINESS!. All their assets, cash and stars are paid to whoever owns it. Remember, It Doesn’t Pay to be Nice in Business!

.COM BATTLES comes with 96 uniquely printed cards! Everyone different.

Here's a few brief examples...
   Sales of Irons are Decreasing.
   Costs 500, Pay Player X
   Pay them 500 to Keep Silent
   Grab a feedback STAR
Player X to pay you 300

  .COM BATTLES is massive, It consists of over 200 game-pieces plus a wad of Battle-cash!  There's no less than 96 cards included and every single one of them is different! 

A total of 72 BUY & SELL cards are included in the Standard Edition, these are key to making your fortune.

There's a handful of ‘It Doesn’t Pay to be nice in Business’ cards, these can make or break anyone, so being force to pick one up could bring on uneasiness, even if you're Donald Trump!

You'll also get a dozen ‘Give & Take’ cards, these could help you to become the businessperson everyone inspires to be. 

There's a small number of 'Misfortune' cards - One of these could bring your empire crashing down but they could also create business for you.
Example card

Some Examples
.COM BATTLES has been designed so players can add new BUY & SELL card packs at any time... The first of these additional card packs are Blood-Money and Second-Hand Car Dealer. In the future we plan to create additional BUY & SELL packs that could feature: Property, Animals, Groceries, Video Games, Antiques and possibly even Retro Toys!
Being in business is hard enough, but to then have your own friends and family try and beat you down, compete with you, put you out of business and take control of all your assets is disheartening. Do unto them as they do to you!  It doesn't pay to be nice in business. 
Somehow I'll find my way home! - Completing the game.
When a player feels they have earned sufficient cash, assets and feedback-stars, they can begin the treacherous journey back to the center of the game board….

COMPLETING THE GAMEThis center-console is where you're heading to be crowned 'Internet Entrepreneur of the Year', and it's where the majority of the boisterous behaviour from other players may start. Landing on a space almost anywhere here will have a negative effect on your business. Drop below 5 stars and you’ll need to work your way back out to earn more… Totally frustrating for you, but mighty entertaining for the other players!
The design of .COM BATTLES means players can opt for a harder, longer game by choosing to return to the center of the board where they’ll have to throw an exact number on the dice before being able to access their exit, thus making the game a lot more frustrating, but far more hilarious all round as they’ll end up going round in circles, all the while losing and gaining stars, but mostly losing!

Choosing to return to your starting-position makes the game a little easier as no exact throw of the dice is needed. When you’re under six spaces away, no matter what number you roll, you’ll get back to ‘company headquarters’.   This allows younger players to play at the same time as overconfident adults but have a comparable chance of winning.

Starting a game with fewer or more hexagon-pieces will also affect the difficulty and length of the game.  We've covered the fundamentals of .COM BATTLES here, the full game has a number of other features, rules and game aspects.

Each player has one special hexagon-piece that is printed with their 'player number'. You can make your copy of .COM BATTLES completely unique by printing or drawing your own labels with either your fictional ‘virtual company’ logo, or players names, photo's of players, or for an even bigger laugh, why not print out parody logo's of big brands!

Every copy of .COM BATTLES comes with 3 sheets of 40mm labels. That's 72 labels in total. Use them or don't use them, It's up to you.
Customise your Player ID
EXAMPLE - Print your own Custom names/Businesses!"Print out your own custom labels with your ‘virtual company’ logo or players names or for even a bigger laugh, print out parody logo's of big brands!"

We have a number of Backer Rewards for everyone that pledges and helps make this game a reality.
You’ll receive one boxed copy of .COM BATTLES complete with everything stated above including over 200 game pieces and a wad of Battle-Cash. 

What Cards are Included?
You’ll receive a boxed copy of .COM BATTLES complete with over 200 game pieces. Plus:  the inclusion of an additional deck of 72 ‘Second Hand Car Dealer' cards that let players trade in used cars. Who'll be the biggest dodgy car sales-person in your family?

What card packs are Included?
.COM BATTLESYou’ll receive a boxed copy of .COM BATTLES complete with over 200 game pieces, an even bigger wad of Battle-Cash. Plus:  the inclusion of ‘Blood-Money Cards’ that let you pretend to trade on the 'Darknet' with stolen goods, drugs etc. But things could end up getting real nasty with the fury of the internet cartel! Great fun for adults but not one for the kids. Limited to 1000 units

What card packs are included?
.COM BATTLESA Special Limited Edition copy of .COM BATTLES that is supplied in a stylish aluminium briefcase, complete with everything stated above including over 200 game pieces. In this edition you’ll also receive 'Custom Printed Battle-Cash' - Each denomination of note is printed with a photo of a family member - up to 6 Photos! You’ll also receive in your briefcase a selection of  .COM BATTLES promo items. This edition is limited to just 100 units.

Includes all these card packs:
Custom Printed Battle-Cash!!!
Printed with photos of your family!
Custom Printed Battle-Cash!!!

As we get close to our funding goal, we'll be announcing some STRETCH GOALS here to help keep the party going. We have plans to add value to .COM BATTLES that we think you'll really appreciate. We plan to add value by upgrading some components as well as increasing re-playability with added game content.

We have a few stretch goals in mind that we think you'll love, and that will make .COM BATTLES even better!

Over the coming couple of months, we'll continue to listen closely to your feedback and ideas and will carefully consider all the ideas that comes our way.

All production avenues are covered and manufactures of all the components have been chosen… Because of the diverse nature of .COM BATTLES we are having to use a number of different suppliers/printers to complete the manufacturing process.

We are continuing to tweak .COM BATTLES all the way through and beyond our kickstarter campaign. Our plan is to start shipping the game within a few months of the crowd-funding ending, this allows some extra time for enhancement, design upgrades, and further ideas to be considered.

.COM BATTLES will be available world-wide and will ship from the UK. The packaged game weighs in at over 1kg, so shipping worldwide is not cheap. UK shipping is included and offered Free. Shipping fees for outside the UK will be at below cost price... $15 for European shipping or $30(£20) for the Rest of the World.

Please note: That non-UK backers will be responsible for any import fees or taxes that may be levied after we have shipped your package

For the past 30 years I have developed, produced and marketed computer games and software. I felt it was time for a change and decided to focus my efforts into creating a board game, something a little more family orientated. As a child I adored opening up the latest board game with my family at Christmas or during the holidays or those special times when distant family came to visit. This is something that I feel is missing when it comes to computer games, sure they’re great fun, I won’t deny that but I believe the most memorable ‘games nights’ are when family and friends get together to play a board-game around the kitchen table.

The small team behind .COM BATTLES similarly come from a background in graphic design, product development, and marketing. This is why we are so excited to bring this project to life. For most of us, it is the fulfilment of a dream we’ve had for a long time, and the perfect use of the skills we have honed over the years.

For many months or more I have been developing a new concept for a board game that's a bit different to your normal board game... 
 I decided to put my knowledge of all things digital into something more solid, something more hands on. This is where .COM BATTLES was born.

I finally decided it was time for Kickstarter because I knew keeping this game alive and seeing it finished the right way would be difficult without help from the Kickstarter community. 

I foresee needing to focus on this game full-time, otherwise, it's going to be exceptionally difficult to complete it's development and manufacturing. Funds are needed to pay for the game's production.

Seeing a project for what it is can be difficult without a community's involvement. We want to make a game you'll love, and I'm positive we can achieve this with your help.


.COM BATTLES - Over 200 Game Pieces!
.COM BATTLES is a wickedly smart, funny board-game for all budding entrepreneurs, business owners, business wannabes, know-it-all’s and anyone over the age of 12.>

FOCUS GROUPSAfter running a number of focus-groups we feel that .COM BATTLES should be suitable for anyone aged 12 years and above. We plan to include 36 hexagon pieces in each game, so if your games evening is played by fewer people you could choose to amuse yourself with a higher number of hexagon-pieces each.

The focus-groups have showed us, playing with 6 hexagon pieces each is the optimum number. The feedback received from all the people attending our groups has been extremely positive, and even younger members aged under 12 have said they would love to own this game!

Our goal with this campaign is to raise enough funds to continue development of the game and deliver .COM BATTLES to all backers. Anything we raise above our goal will be used to further enhance and better our design and invest in marketing to retail.

OUR GOALContributors will receive one of the first copies of the game produced at a cheaper price than retail, and we’ll also include some free promotional goodies for early-bird backers too.

In the future, we hope to take our unique hexagonal board-game concept and expand it to include a number of different themed board games. We believe this can be done with almost any category of game from financial, horror, sci-fi and fantasy and beyond.

.COM BATTLES is the first in the Cleva Games series and will serve as the proof of concept we need to bring innovation to the world of board gaming for avid players everywhere, no matter their tastes.

.COM BATTLES has been designed so players can add new card packs at any time... The first of these add-on card packs are Blood-Money and Second-Hand Car Dealer. In the future we plan to create additional BUY & SELL card packs that could feature: Property, Animals, Groceries, Video Games and possibly even Precious Metals! The choice of subject is endless.

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